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Sep 28, 2012 9:00am EDT
fiscal cliff. maybe it's our trading partners but this is the kind of thing which says ben bernanke knew what he was doing. those of you who are very critical of the fact that he wants to be so accommodating, i think he is a little seer like. i think it's a pretty good call by him chlgt. >> although as we've said at this table, if you ran cramer motors, right, and you were worried about inventory levels post cliff, would you be ramping up production right now? probably not. >> no. i mean, this is the kind of number which is going to make a lot of businesses pause, small businesses pause, and, look. it's also an election number. i think that if romney were able to capitalize off something he could capitalize what is obviously a deceleration in the economy and in the election. >> when we come back we're just minutes away from another data point. this is going to be breaking news on consumer sentiment followed by something we've all been waiting for. >>> coming up how many stocks can you talk about and how fast can you do it? see if you can do it better than cramer. six stocks in 60 seconds
Oct 1, 2012 9:00am EDT
ism in less than an hour as well as a speech from ben bernanke. >> two big downgrades on two big companies. microsoft says momentum will slow. >> and facebook's stock is up 30% from the july lows. >>> and julia boorstin with a sitdown with facebook's cheryl sandberg. >>> futures ant rise and the fourth quarter gets under way. major indices coming off a third quarter that was their best quarterly performance in two years. but there's a lot for wall street to digest this week waiting for today's monetary policy speech from bernanke. and the big jobs number is coming up on friday. it's been said that q3 was characterized by expectations from central banks, that we got what we wanted and that's not necessarily going to be the picture for this quarter. >> you're fighting worldwide feds. if you don't like the market, i understand expectations lowered along with estimates lowered. all you have to do is beat estimates even if they're lowered and you have the various feds behind you. still got a good market. >> evans this morning on "squawk" is few moments ago saying he'd like to see twis
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2